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Competition Details & Registration

Competition Details

The competition is open to all full-time Secondary 3, 4 & 5 students in Singapore. 


There are 2 rounds of the competition:

Round 1: 2-hours theory paper comprising Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). All students who registered for the competition will sit for Round 1 via an online platform, ClassMarker.

Round 2: Students will answer the questions by watching experiment videos. Students will work independently. Only selected students will compete in round 2.


  • Round 1 – 27 May 2022, Friday (Virtual)

Participants will be given 50 MCQs. For each question, there are four possible answers, A, B, C, D. Choose the one answer that you consider to be the best. 2 marks will be awarded for every correct answer. No marks will be awarded for incorrect answers, or any unattempt question. Each student will log in to the online platform, ClassMarker, with a unique username and password given by the teachers.

Link to ClassMarker: 


  • The Selection process for Round 2

The top-scoring students (typically up to 20%) from Round 1 will be selected to compete in Round 2.

  • For every 10 participating students from each secondary school, at least 1 student will be selected to enter Round 2. For example, if a school sends 30 students to participate, at least 3 of the top students will be allowed to participate in Round 2. The number of students may change if they are able to achieve scores above the cut-off marks for the competition.
  • All students who enter Round 2 will be awarded either a gold or silver or bronze e-certificate or an e-certificate of merit. The ratio of the gold: silver: bronze: merit awards will be approximately 1:1:1:1.
  • All participants in Round 1 will be given an e-certificate of participation.

The list of invited students for Round 2 will be released on this website after Round 1.

Please check this website for the list of invited students for Round 2 (typically released sometime after Round 1 concluded).


§  Round 2 - 18 August 2022, Thursday (Virtual)

Students will watch a series of experiment videos and answer the questions according to the videos in the online platform, ClassMarker. Students with special needs (e.g. colour blindness) must inform the secretariat in advance.  


Dates and arrangements may change depending on the COVID-19 situation.





All students who enter round 2 will be awarded either a gold, silver or bronze e-certificate or an e-certificate of merit. The ratio of the Gold: Silver: Bronze: Merit awards will be approximately 1:1:1:1.


Awards will also be given to top-performing schools based on the total number of individual awards won. There will be 3 bands of top-performing schools. Typically, 2 schools will be awarded band 1, 3 schools with band 2 and 4 schools with band 3.



Registration *CLOSED FOR 2022* 


For students in Singapore, please contact the teacher-in-charge in your respective schools. For students outside Singapore, please contact the SNIC secretariat for registration.


For Teacher-in-charge

Please download the excel sheet to complete the participants' information, and upload it when you complete the registration form. 


Registration is now closed.


  • Register at least 10 participants to guarantee 1 participant in Round 2.
  • Registration deadline: 15 April 2022




The registration fee is S$15.00 per student for all schools in Singapore.

The payment terms will be 30 days.

  • For IFAAS: An e-invoice will be issued to your school. Please enter the transaction number after completion of payment by admin staff in your school.
  • For bank transfer: Please transfer to SNIC DBS Current Account (032-000971-9), and attach the screenshot of the payment or other payment proof (transaction number must be included) when you submit your registration.
  • For cheque, payable to Singapore National Institute of Chemistry, and mail the cheque to: 

Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC), Attn to: Kimmey Poh

Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, 4 Fusionopolis Way, Kinesis Building, #08-18, Singapore 138635


*You may also drop the cheque into the quick cheque deposit box at any DBS/POSB branch. Please write relevant information on the back of the cheque before you deposit:

Account number: 032-000971-9

- Name: Singapore National Institute of Chemistry

- Contact number


Please finalize the number of students participating before making the payment. Participation will only be confirmed upon receipt of registration fees. Registration fees are not refundable. Receipts will be issued to the respective schools once the payment is received.


For enquiries, please write to the SNIC Secretariat:

Ms Kimmey POH
Secretariat for SNIC | E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.