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Competition Details

The competition is open to all full-time Secondary 3 and 4 (or equivalent) students in Singapore. There is no age limit as we focus on the academic level rather than age.

There are 2 rounds of competition:

Round 1 - Two hour theory paper comprising Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ).  All students registered for the competition will sit for round 1.

Round 2 - Practical component in which participants are given 2-3 hours to conduct a set experiments.  From 2018, students will work independently.  Only selected students will complete round 2.

Round 1

Participants will be given 50 MCQs.  Answers must be shaded in the answer sheet given.  Every correct or best answer will be awarded 2 marks and every wrong answer will be deducted 0.5 marks.  No marks will be deducted if no answer is shaded.  Participants are advised to bring a 2B pencil and an eraser.  Only non-programmable calculators will be allowed.  Avoid bringing valuables to the examination venue.  A photo identity card must also be produced during the competition.  

Selection process for Round 2

Up to a maximum of 20% of participants registered for Round 1 (R1) will be selected for Round 2 (R2).

Participants from each school will be selected based on their results in R1.

For schools sending at least 25 participants, 3 best performing students will be selected for R2 regardless of their marks.  However students will still need to meet the minimum marks for R1 and R2 to receive a medal.

The list of invited students for R2 will be released on this website about 2 weeks from R1 of the competition.

From 2018, students will not participate in R2 in teams anymore.  Thus, students who are selected for R2 and are unable to attend R2 due to other commitments or medical reasons cannot be replaced.  Places may be offered by merit to the next student based on R1 scores and may come from a different school.    

Round 2

Participation in round 2 is by invitation only. 

Some changes have been made to Round 2 format in 2018.  Previously, students work in team of three on more than one experiments.  To give students a more personalised experienced, students are given the opportunity to work individually on one experiment.  The time given may vary from year to year depending on the nature of the experiment.  However, it will not take more than 3h.  Please check the webpage under "important dates" nearer the date of round two.  We will not be able to provide a specific date as the scientific committee must set and test the question before such information can be released.

All experiments must be completed within the time given.  Answers must be written in pen and intelligible.  Special needs students must inform the secretariat in advance.  


Gold/silver/bronze/merit awards will be presented to the students based on the total marks scored in the first round and second round of the competition.  Up to a maximum of 20% of total registered participants will be awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze in the ratio of approximately 1:1:2 based on merit. Medal will only be awarded to those who meet the minimum/passing scores for R1 and R2. The next ~15 to 20% will be awarded Merit certificates.  Certificates of participation will be awarded to all other students who attended R1.  The criteria will be followed as closely as possible but is subjected to change by the main organising committee.

Awards will also be given to top performing schools based on the total number of medals won. There will be 3 bands of top performing schools. Number of awards given will depend on the results year to year. Generally, 2 schools in band 1, 3 schools in band 2 and 4 schools in band 3.  However depending on the results, the number of schools in each band will depend on the performance of each school every year. Overall top students will also be given awards based on overall individual scores and scores in each round.