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President’s Message


What drives the development of drugs that help to safeguard our well-being? How do astronauts have good tasting food up in space? How can we remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere? The answer lies in Chemistry. 

Connecting the different branches of physical sciences, the understanding of chemistry is essential to applied sciences such as materials, medicine and engineering. SNIC has just celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2020, holding its first meeting in 1970. Today, SNIC has grown with members from the academia, industry and public sectors. SNIC plays a key role in connecting all the members of the chemistry community.

I envision SNIC to be the node that connects our members. Focusing on networking for job opportunities, the provision of upgrading courses and also a mentorship program, SNIC aspires to enhance the value of its members. We are also keen to enhance the contribution of students to the community through our student chapter. Affected by the pandemic, our lives have been greatly changed. Work has also changed with working from home now an option for many companies. In helping our members cope with the challenges of finding a new job, career development and adjusting to the new normal, we will organise clinics to introduce a career development framework and help our members map their Core/Personal Competencies and proposed development for all interested members. Industry veterans will also be invited to share their perspectives on career paths to our members for free. Through these approaches, we hope that our members will be able to gain new insights and take ownership of their own career development.

SNIC will organize conferences, seminars and workshops to engage the community. We will host the Singapore International Chemistry Conference, which is a major international conference that will bring the best chemists all over the world to present their latest research findings. We also host the flagship national meeting, Chemistry National Meeting Singapore (ChnmSG). This important platform brings everyone in the community together to showcase the most interesting chemistry achieved in Singapore. There will be opportunities to discuss chemistry education in Singapore as well as to present chemistry to the public.

SNIC aspires to be relevant to its members. We hope to be relevant to you!

Yours sincerely,

Loh Xian Jun
SNIC Council 2021