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Winners 2020

Winners of 2020

SNIC-Prof Lee Soo Ying Young Chemist Awards

Gold Award: Benny Febriansyah, NTU/CBC
Thesis Title: Low Dimensional Organic Metal-halide Hybrids:Molecular Design & Optoelectronic Properties

Silver Award: Charylnn Koh Sher Lin, NTU/CBC
Thesis Title: Hybrid  Plasmonic  Nanoparticles  Platforms  for  Multifunctional  Surface-enhanced  Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) applications in Sensing, Monitoring and Catalysis

Silver Award: Dinh Ngoc Khang, NTU/ERI & MSE
Thesis Title: Engineering Nickel Based Layered Double Hydroxides and Their Derivatives for Water Electrolysis

SNIC-Prof Lee Soo Ying Early Career Research Awards

Gold Award: Leng Kai, NUS/Department of Chemistry
Project title: Recent Studies on Chemically Intercalated TMD Materials and Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Perovskites Quantum Wells

Silver Award: Li Xing, NUS/Department of Chemistry
Project title: Function-Oriented Synthesis of Covalent Organic Frameworks

Silver Award: Alex Eng Yong Sheng, A*Star/IMRE
Project title: Controlled   synthesis   of   transition   metal   disulfides   (MoS2 and   WS2)   on   carbonfibers:   Effects   of   phase   and   morphology   toward   lithium–sulfur   battery performance