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SNIC- Prof Koh Lip Lin Gold Medals

Singapore National Institute of Chemistry – Prof Koh Lip Lin Gold Medal for best final year research project (FYP) for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (CBC/SPMS)


2019: Sanami Tatekura

Science has always been my favourite subject in school, and when I decided on taking a Dipolma in Biomedical Science at Singapore Polytechnic I never thought I’ll be switching to a different field of science for my Bachelor’s degree. But thinking back to the 4 years I spent majoring in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry at NTU, the learning journey has been enlightening. For my final year research project it was an easy choice when I decided on Nanomaterial Science.The guidance I received from my project mentor has been invaluable to the outcome of the project and it made my experience in a research lab something memorable. From the tough setbacks to the joyful breakthroughs, the time I spent working on the research project, making it as complete as it was possible in 13 weeks, was well worth it. If I had a choice to go back in time to pick another project with a different research lab, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Cheong Qian Hui Odelia

Professional photo

My four years in University were filled with many amazing opportunities and experiences- much of it being research experiences. The culmination of my research experiences in University was completing my final year project overseas- under Professor Douglas W. Stephan from the University of Toronto. During my time in the Stephan lab, I was greatly inspired by the research culture, the collaborative spirit and the passion that the researchers there possess. As a result, my fascination and interest in Chemistry grew more and more each day during my time there. I am thankful for Professor Stephan, my mentor, Dr. Jing Guo and everyone else in the Stephan lab who were and continue to be great sources of support and guidance. It was truly a privilege and honour.