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SNIC- Prof Koh Lip Lin Gold Medals

Singapore National Institute of Chemistry – Prof Koh Lip Lin Gold Medal for best final year research project (FYP) for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (CBC/SPMS)


2019: Sanami Tatekura

Science has always been my favourite subject in school, and when I decided on taking a Dipolma in Biomedical Science at Singapore Polytechnic I never thought I’ll be switching to a different field of science for my Bachelor’s degree. But thinking back to the 4 years I spent majoring in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry at NTU, the learning journey has been enlightening. For my final year research project it was an easy choice when I decided on Nanomaterial Science.The guidance I received from my project mentor has been invaluable to the outcome of the project and it made my experience in a research lab something memorable. From the tough setbacks to the joyful breakthroughs, the time I spent working on the research project, making it as complete as it was possible in 13 weeks, was well worth it. If I had a choice to go back in time to pick another project with a different research lab, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Cheong Qian Hui Odelia