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Student Chapter


Ismail Samsudin is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Chemistry at the National University of Singapore. He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the same university in 2018 and 2019 respectively and was awarded the Sim Geok Soo gold medal in recognition for his research work. His research interests lie in heterogenous catalysis and materials chemistry.


Ismail is passionate about engaging and enhancing the student communities he belong in. He is currently the President of the Chemistry Graduate Society in NUS, which is a student organisation representing the chemistry graduate students in NUS. During his undergraduate studies, he was the President of the Chemical Sciences Society, which is the Chemistry Graduate Society’s undergraduate equivalent.


Winnie 2


Winnie Faustinelie is currently a year 2 student from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), majoring in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, known as CBC, and expected to take specialization in Food Science and Technology. Apart from her study, she is also active in her Faculty Club, which is School of Physical and Mathematical Science (SPMS) Club, currently a part of the 15th Management Committee. Her role in SPMS club is as CBC Representative.   Being a CBC Representative, she works closely with the CBC committee members in order to achieve programs that will benefit CBC students, be it CBC division night, Industrial Visit, sharing sessions by the seniors, etc. She believes by doing so, CBC students are able to be more familiar with their courses and at the same time, make more friends. This optimistic girl believes that one can strive through experiences and challenges. And here comes to her decision, stepping out of her comfort zone to try new things, such as stepping up as CBC Representative.

 Profile photo Rui Yang

Rui Yang is currently a Year 3 student from the National University of Singapore (NUS), majoring in Chemistry. His research interest lies in Computational Chemistry as he believes that data is the new language and the ability to use computational language to extract useful information from large bodies of data is crucial in our world today. He is currently the President of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Student Chapter at NUS. He works with the NUS Department of Chemistry to organise various programmes such as the ACS-NUS Research Symposium to promote Chemistry in the community.  Rui Yang believes in the importance of collaboration and interdisciplinary efforts in research and scientific discovery. He hopes to establish a stronger relationship between students, researchers and industry professionals. 

 Ren Huibai

Ren Huibai is a fresh graduate student from National University of Singapore (NUS), Food Science and Technology (FST). She researched in the processing of dairy related products and analysed product performance, studying their rheological properties and the behaviour of casein micelle. She also validated the simulation of Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) process lines in FrieslandCampina Development Singapore to examine the microbiological safety and fouling reaction. She has also participated in NUS FoodTech Challenge 2019 that developed alternative protein sources to replace meat in the food market. She investigated the protein composition and processing methods of peanut powder to produce suitable meat analogue for traditional Asian sauces. Huibai is passionate about food sustainability and safety. She believes that with advancing technology and research in food chemistry, we can support the growing global population and promote a healthier living.

Christopher Kevin Wijaya2


Christopher Kevin Wijaya is an undergraduate student studying Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (CBC) in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore. His main interest lies within organic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis, which he is currently working on with the aid of theoretical and computational tools. He believes these tools can be applied to various fields of chemistry to give fresh new perspectives that could lead to interesting discoveries.Apart from his research interests, he was the CBC representative of the 14th management committee of the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences club. He was in charge of the CBC students’ welfare, and together with his team, they organized events such as industrial visit, reopening of CBC Library, and Mad Scientist Day. As a way of giving back to the students’ community, he hopes these events benefited them and created meaningful experience.

Raymond Tio

Raymond Tio is an undergraduate from NTU, majoring in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (CBC). His research interest focuses on drug design and organic synthesis, which he is currently doing under the guidance of Prof. Loh Teck Peng. Apart from his studies and research, he is also active in the CBC club, managing CBC students’welfare.


Karen Prasetio is a current year 2 student in Nanyang Technological University, majoring in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry. She has previously done research in the field of organic synthesis of Montanacin D and also using metathesis to form butenolides. Her main interest is in the field of biological chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry as she believes that knowledge in these areas can help find ways to make healthcare more available and attainable by people.

Apart from her interests, she is also part of NTU's CBC Division, where she collaborates with other students to garner students' interest in the subject beyond the classroom walls. Besides academics, she enjoys reading books and trying out new things to step out of her comfort zone.

Eugene Photo

Eugene Thong is currently a Year 2 student from NUS Faculty of Science, majoring in Chemistry. He has a Diploma in Biomedical Science from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, with an option in Medicinal Chemistry, and he is interested in the areas of analytical and medicinal chemistry.


Eugene is the President of the 33rd NUS Chemical Sciences Society (CSS). He works closely with the NUS Department of Chemistry to organise and plan events for the NUS Chemistry undergraduate cohort, with the aim to improve their student life experience, through programmes such as Chemistry Camp and Chemistry Night. He believes that in addition to studying, students should also focus on their personal well-being, making new friends, and trying new things; CSS is the place where students can achieve all these.