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Guidelines for SNIC Industry Awards

The selection committee for the SNIC Industry Awards, after having considered a wide range of options and criteria, has defined the following executive rules and procedures for these inaugural awards:

  1. Frequency of the awards: all the above awards will be offered annually; however, successful recipients are selected on the basis of merits tied to demonstrated, high impact achievements. If, after extensive efforts through nominations and selections, the judging panel for a particular award still cannot find a suitable recipient, the particular award will be withdrawn for that year.

  2. Eligibility: for the inaugural cycle of the awards in each discipline, any professional individual full time based in Singapore with outstanding achievements are eligible. In subsequent cycles of the awards, besides the achievements of an individual, achievements that can be clearly identified as resulting from the collective efforts of a group of professionals may also be eligible. There is no restriction on the age, and association or affiliations of the candidates; except that the applicants should be a member of SNIC.

  3. Application: any full-time researcher based in Singapore can submit his/her applicaiton for one of the SNIC-industry awards to the Selection Committee for considerations. The application must be accompanied by the following documents: a professional CV, summary documentation of academic achievements and publication list as well as nomination of two potential referees. At least two referee letters will be collected: one at least from nominated referee, one at least from independent referee nominated by the committee.

  4. Selection committee: The selection committee will be comprised of 3 judges for each award; 1) a nominee by SNIC president; 2) a nomination by award chair; 3) industry representative or a nominee by the industry sponsor. The committee for each award should be widely represented from the sponsor, and the relevant industry, government research institutes and academia (universities, polytechnics, and/or junior colleges for the award in Chemistry Education). Appointment of judges should be based on merits. The judges should have the scientific competence to prescribe and deliver scientifically sound judgments on all the candidates through nominations and selection procedures.

  5. Recipients: the successful candidate selected as recipient for each award will receive the award at the annual AGM of SNIC; each recipient is invited to give an award lecture in the Chemistry National Meeting Singapore (ChnmSG) held in August 2023. The winner of the Shimadzu-SNIC award in translational chemistry will also need to give a presentation of his/her research works to Shimadzu Asia Pacific.

You may apply for the award here.