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Fellows Council

Hard Chan
        Professor Hardy Chan Sze On | Chair


Prof Hardy Sze is a professor in the Chemistry Department of the NUS, a member of A*STAR Tech Scan Committee on Frontiers of Chemicals and Materials (2004); coordinator for A*STAR Thematic Strategic Research Programme (TSRP) in Polymer and Molecular Electronics and Devices (2003-2006); chairman of the Technical Committee on Rubber Products and other Polymers (1999-2001); and technical assessor for SAC-SINGLAS (2001-present). He is currently a Fellow of the Institute of Materials (UK); Fellow of the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry; Fellow of the Plastics and Rubber Institute (Singapore); and Chartered Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. He received the Standard Council Distinguished Award (2002) for contributions to the National Standardization programme and the National Day Long Service Award in 2010. Professor Chan has published over 170 papers in polymer and materials science and he has trained over 50 postgraduate students.

WONG Ming Wah Richard
        Professor Wong Ming Wah, Richard | Fellow

Professor WONG Ming Wah, Richard obtained his BSC(Hons) degree from University of Newcastle and his PhD from Australian National University. He is the Head of Chemistry Department in NTU. His research interest has focused mainly on Computational Quantum Chemistry using ab initio molecular orbital and density functional theory, is being employed to determine molecular structures, spectroscopic characteristics, energy levels of molecules and potential energy surfaces, and to help understand how molecules react with one another. 



        Professor Sim Keng Yeow | Fellow

Professor SIM Keng Yeow obtained his BSc (Hons) degree and MSc degree from University of Malaya, followed by his PhD from University of London. He was an Associate Professor of Chemistry in NUS and was appointed as Acting Head. During his immense contribution as head, the Department achieved a status as a top and highly respected research entity not only in comparison with departments of chemistry in Asian universities but also in the world. His research interest has focused mainly on structural and synthetic aspects of natural products and has contributed 2 US Patents and over 150 publications/conference papers, 108 of which are published in international refereed journals. He was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Institute of Chemistry (RIC), served as the Vice-President of the Singapore National Academy of Science, was a FACS Treasurer and Secretary General and was conferred the FACS Citation Award for his contributions to the development of chemistry in Asia.  


Jagadese j vittal        Professor Jagadese J, Vittal | Fellow

Professor Jagadese J, VITTAL obtained his BSc degree and MSc degree from the University of Madras, followed by his PhD from Madurai University. He is a professor at the National University of Singapore. His major research interest is Crystal Engineering, Chemistry of metal chalcogenocarboxylates, Metal chalcogenide and oxide thin films and nanomaterials, and Synthesis of new battery materials.