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About SNIC

The Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC) was established in March 1970 as a national body for the chemical profession in Singapore.

The chemical Profession was in earlier years linked to the Royal Institute of Chemistry (RIC) in London through RIC Malaya Section and later RIC Singapore Section. With a growing number of graduates from the University of Singapore and Nanyang University and with increasing industry activity requiring the services of qualified chemists, there was a real need for a local organisation to serve the interests of chemists and to maintain a high standard of professional competence and ethical practice. The Singapore National Institute of Chemistry was founded to meet this need.


Our Mission

To promote the advancement of Chemistry in the Republic of Singapore.
To safeguard standards of training and conduct within the profession of Chemistry.
To represent the views of members of the Institute.
To inform the public of the ways in which Chemistry serves the community.


Scope of Activities

  • Organises professional meetings, seminars, symposiums, talks, Congress and exhibitions and publishes newsletters and a bulletin.

  • Awards gold medals and book prizes to outstanding chemistry students at the National University of Singapore.

  • Promotes chemical education by organising talks on Chemistry and Chemistry-related Contests for secondary students.

  • Support interdisciplinary efforts promotion sciences as a founding member of the Singapore National Academy of Science.

If you are interested to find out more about SNIC History, please click on the below link.