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ChnmSG4 Virtual Poster Session

This year, ChnmSG4 will host a virtual poster session in lieu of a physical one. 

Our online poster session will be going live on 15 September 2021 and the posters will be available for all registered conference participants to view at your leisure and convenience till 30 September 2021

Poster Platform:

All poster presenters should note the following:

  1. All posters have to be uploaded onto the virtual poster platform by 2 September 2021. Please download and follow the instructions here to submit your poster.

  2. Presenters are highly encouraged to submit an accompanying audio file or a video to enhance your poster presentation. Please follow the instructons in the link provided above.

  3. There will be a chat function on the poster platform for participants to leave comments. Poster presenters are highly encouraged to respond promptly to the comments and queries posted for your posters, for the duration of TBC.*

  4. To encourage interactive decision, all poster presenters must create a free Zoom account and host a 40 minutes Zoom session on 15 Sep 2021. Poster numbers will be announced with your poster acceptance letter. The link for the Zoom session should be provided when submitting your poster, details to be communicated with presenters closer the date. Conference participants will be able to join the Zoom session for the poster(s) of interest to engage the poster presenter(s) to discuss the results.

* Please note that comments and discussions must be conducted without any personal attacks, racism or insults. Any offending comments will be deleted.