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Instructions - Round 1

List of participants, index number.Please note that participants must bring along:

1. Photo ID for identification and to be placed on the table. Anyone whose identification cannot be verified will not be allowed to sit for R1.
2. Exam grade 2B pencil
3. A soft eraser
4. A scientific calculator.
Optional items:
5. Water bottle
6. Jacket. 

Resources and unauthorised materials (such as communication devices, empty sheets of paper) are strictly prohibited.  You may leave them in your bag and place them at designated area of the respective venues.  All phones must be switched off.  All information needed to answer the questions (e.g. Periodic Table) would be provided.

If you are bringing a graphic calculator, please clear the memory of the calculator based on the instructions here.

All participants should find out their venue and index number before the commencement of Round 1 from the link given in the table below. Participants are required to shade this index number on the answer sheet. Any request to change the index numbers due to error in shading will not be entertained.

Aim to arrive at least 45 min early i.e. 9.15 am at the competition venue to make sure that you are at the correct room or hall.  No extra time will be allocated for late comers or those who are unable to find the venue.  Chief invigilators, scientific officers and their representatives have the right to refuse entry of late comers.

For students in large venues, please do not block the entrance to the hall.  Move swiftly inside and place your bags at designated location.  Also, please inform family members that you will not be released until 12.30 to 12.45 pm which is the typical amount of time required to tally the papers.  Delay is possible if the number does not tally.

Replacement due to any issue including medical is strictly not allowed after the amendment deadline as stated on the "important dates" page.

Check that the spelling of your name is correct as your certificates will be produced based on this list.  Reprinting of certificates will be charged to the participants if the certificate has been printed based on the names provided here.  The final corrected names will appear 2 weeks after Round 1 if you have requested for spelling correction (invigilators will note your name based on your photo identity).

Information for participants (Please click on the links below):
Link: List of participants

Directions and seating plan:

   Direction to NUS MPSH
      [MPSH 1 Section A & B seating plan] It is important to check if you are in Section A or B
      [MPSH 2 Section A & B seating plan] It is important to check if you are in Section A or B
      [MPSH 5 seating plan]
      [MPSH 6 seating plan]
   Direction to Nanyang Polytechnic Block Q and R 
      [LTQ3, Block Q]
      [LTR2, Block R]
   Direction to NUSHS
      [Hall Seating plan]
      [Auditorium Seating plan]