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Please take time to read through the below instructions.

  • All participants should aim to login at least 30 minutes prior to the competition. Strictly no extra time will be allocated for latecomers. Participants are only given 1 attempt for the test. The online platform does not require any software installation.
  • As it is an online test, teachers will help to ensure that students do not open any other browser tabs, online website or documents within the computer, tablet or iPad during the test. Resources and unauthorised materials (such as communication devices, books, notes) are strictly prohibited. 
  • Participants should ensure to have a stable internet connection. In the event of a technical mishap (for e.g. Computer auto shutdown), any answers that was input will be captured into the system, therefore no work will be lost. 
  • For the multiple-choice question, there are four possible answers, A, B, C, D. Choose the one answer that you consider to be the best. For the open-ended question, input your answer in the text box provided. It is recommended to use a maximum of 150 words.
  • No marks will be awarded for questions that are answered incorrectly and not attempted. 
  • Books, notes or other reference materials are strictly not allowed. Communications with other students is strictly not allowed. 
  • Calculators are allowed. A copy of the Periodic Table will be provided by the teacher-in-charge. Any rough working may be done on a A4 paper, but will not be marked. The A4 paper is to be discarded after the exam.