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Chemistry National Meeting Singapore (ChnmSG)

The Chemistry National Meeting Singapore (ChnmSG) series is launched by SNIC with the aims of bringing the local chemistry community together, and providing a major platform for researchers and students from academia and industry alike to learn about and discuss the latest developments in chemical education and sciences. The inaugural meeting was successfully held in May 2018, and attracted ~250 participants from our local universities, research institutes (e.g. A*STAR), industry, schools (JCs and secondary), and polytechnics.

This year (2019), we welcome you to join us at the second ChnmSG, which will be jointly organized by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and SNIC, and held at the NUS University Town on 15th May 2019. In addition to talks and posters presented by chemical educators and student researchers, the ChnmSG 2019 programme will feature plenary talks by all SNIC-Industry awardees and a technical session contributed by the Singapore Crystallography Association. At this event, we will also have a job fair and a workshop for members who are looking for their first chemistry jobs, or contemplating a change in career.

We look forward to meeting you at the ChnmSG 2019!

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