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Women's Chapter

Mihaiela Stuparu
Asst. Prof. Mihaiela Stuparu
Nanyang Technological University

Asst. Prof. Mihaiela Stuparu is an Assistant Professor in Chemistry at NTU. She obtained her doctoral degree in the group of Prof. A. D. Schlüter from ETH-Zürich, Switzerland. In 2009, she received the Ambizione fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation. Her research focus is on the preparation of corannulene-based polymers differing in their chemical composition and architecture together with studying their properties.

Dr. Fung Fun Man
National University of Singapore

Dr. Fung is an instructor of Chemistry at NUS. He obtained his doctoral degree in the group of Prof. Sam Li Fong Yau from NUS. His research focus is on the application of digital technology and learning sciences in chemistry and STEM courses.

Mr. Mahalakshmi Anand
Nanyang Technological University

Maha is currently an undergraduate student at Nanyang Technological University, pursuing Chemistry, and is interested in organic chemistry. Maha is also interested in creating a more diverse and inclusive academic and industrial scene in STEM.

Mr. Yep Liang Wei, Benjamin
National University of Singapore

Benjamin is currently an undergraduate student at the National University of Singapore. His area of interest is in total synthesis and education methods to encourage younger people to pursue STEM.