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Gallery 2023

The SJChO 2023 Awards Ceremony was held on 22 August 2023. Here are some pictures that were taken to commemorate the ceremony.

The medals and certificates were presented to the students by Prof Loh Xian Jun, President of SNIC.

DSC00015 DSC00028 DSC00032 DSC00048
DSC00049 DSC00050 DSC00070 DSC00073
DSC00075 DSC00083 r DSC00034 DSC00089
DSC00094 DSC00097 DSC00099 DSC00101
DSC00103 DSC00106 DSC00109 DSC00111
DSC00119 DSC00121 DSC00123 DSC00128
DSC00132 DSC00136 DSC00139 DSC00141
DSC00144 DSC00146 DSC00149 DSC00151
 DSC00153  DSC00155  DSC00157  rDSC00117
rDSC00130 rDSC00134 rDSC00159 rDSC00167
rDSC00244 DSC00162 DSC00164 DSC00169
DSC00176  DSC00178  DSC00183  DSC00185
 DSC00196  DSC00200  DSC00205  DSC00219
 DSC00209  DSC00223  DSC00230  DSC00230
DSC00242 DSC00246 DSC00251 DSC00260
DSC00265 DSC00292 DSC00304 DSC00326
DSC00328 DSC00338 DSC00364 rDSC00255
rDSC00257 rDSC00268 rDSC00270 rDSC00272
rDSC00277 rDSC00294 rDSC00310 rDSC00346
rDSC00350 rDSC00354 rDSC00356 rDSC00361
DSC00375 DSC00391 rDSC00366 rDSC00367
DSC00396 rDSC00370 rDSC00381 rDSC00384
DSC00407 DSC00412