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SNIC-Industry Awards

The Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC) collaborates with four major corporations - BASF, GIST, GSK and HYFLUX – launched in Mar 2009 a new partnership award program to recognise and reward outstanding individuals who have achieved research excellence in selected areas of chemistry and chemical sciences.

These awards are first-of-its-kind inSingapore. They were launched to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of SNIC and 80th Anniversary of Chemistry inSingapore.

SNIC partners four major organisations to inaugurate the following awards:

  • BASF-SNIC Award in Materials Chemistry.  The BASF-SNIC Award in Materials Chemistry recognises R&D of outstanding scientists with a vision to provide unique innovations that would benefit mankind. BASF is committed to the advancement of research in scientific disciplines particularly related to chemistry which is their core strength. 
  • GSK-SNIC Award in Organic Chemistry.  GSK, corporate partner for the GSK-SNIC Award in Organic Chemistry acknowledges the commitment to support excellence in Chemistry by playing a broader role in society. The company strives to support the roles individuals play to improve healthcare activities, education, environmental projects and scientific medical research.
  • HYFLUX-SNIC Award in Environmental Chemistry.  Hyflux supports the SNIC-Hyflux award which underscores their commitment in promoting technological advances in environmental sciences.  As a leading membrane technology company, Hyflux also strives to improve lives by addressing the increasing demands for clean water in the markets. According to Mr Sam Ong, Group Deputy CEO & CFO, Hyflux Ltd, they also reach out to the social and business communities by supporting initiatives that promote Environment and Water; Education and Community; and Entrepreneurship.
  • GIST-SNIC Award in Chemistry Education.  GIST-TUM Asia (GIST = German Institute of Science and Technology; TUIM = Technical University of Munich), believes in the importance of continuous education. Participating as a partner in this award will further strengthen the working relationship between SNIC and GIST.  GIST combines the business, scientific and technical expertise from the East to the West to offer its students a unique education experience that carries them successfully across geographical and cultural barriers. The award in Chemistry Education is a significant collaboration between GIST and SNIC.

The nature of the awards reflects the significance of the pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental industry toSingaporeand our emphasis on chemical education. These are represented by GSK, BASF, HYFLUX and GIST respectively. They also mark the significance of the research-industry-academic trilateral relationship.

A Steering Committee was formed to provide the framework of these Industry-SNIC joint awards, which will run annually for at least 5 years. Each award winner will receive a $3,000 cash prize, certificate and trophy.