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Fellowship Application

Please read the criteria of being a Fellow before completing the form below.

Fellow (FSNIC - annual subscription $40): A Fellow shall be a person who: 

(i) has the necessary qualifications to be a Member;

(ii) has no less than ten years appropriate experience in the chemical profession;

(iii) has rendered services to the Institute; and

(iv) has produced evidence to the satisfaction of the Council that he or she has either made a substantive contribution to the chemical profession or is in a position of seniority and authority in the profession acceptable to the Council.

  • Application for election to the grade of Fellow shall be supported by two referees, one of whom shall be a Fellow of the Institute and the other, a Professional Member of the Institute.

  • Application can be done any time of the year. 

  • Application is reviewed every quarterly and Fellowship is only presented during SNIC Annual General Meeting Dinner.

If the form below is not loaded, you can also fill it in at here.

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