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Students interested to participate in SJChO should contact their teacher-in-charge in their respective schools.  Register at least 25 partcipants to guarantee three students into Round 2.  Registration deadline is 11 April 2019.  Please click here to register after completing the Excel template.

The registration fee is S$15.00 per student for all MOE/independent schools and $30.00 per student for international schools in Singapore.  For students outside Singapore, please contact Logistic chair for separate arrangements.

Payment by cheque should be made by 27 April 2019, to “Singapore National Institute of Chemistry” and send to

Lisa LUO (Ms)
School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University
21 Nanyang Link, SPMS-CBC-04-18.5, Singapore 637371

An e-invoice will be created if you choose to pay via IFAAS as indicated in the registration form.

Participation will only be confirmed upon receipt of registration fees. Registration fees are not refundable for students who do not turn up for the competition. Receipts will be issued to schools once payment is received in good order.

Replacements/Substitutes are not allowed once the registration numbers have been allocated to each participants.  The dateline for any changes will generally be 2 weeks before Round 1 of SJChO.  Schools are responsible for ensuring that the submitted names are correct as these will be printed on awards/certificates. An administrative fee will be charged for reprints.  

Hosting of SJChO

Round 1

Due to the extreme shortage of volunteers among the chemistry community here in Singapore, we can only allow schools to host round 1 if the school can host at least 300 participants (includng own students) in total.  Please contact the secretary of our logistics committee if you are able to host at least 300 students.  Otherwise, round 1 will be conducted centrally in NUS, NYP and if necessary, NTU or NUSHS.  We welcome teachers who would like to volunteer as invigilators.

Round 2

SJChO committee is constantly looking for schools to host SJChO in round 2.  Our partners will continue to be the main hosts for this round.   In order to continue to allow schools with more than a certain limited number of participants to experience round 2 as well as to cater to more top performers in Round 1, we will need schools offering chemistry especially at JC level to continue supporting the event.

The organiser welcomes schools to host the practical round (Round 2).  We hope to provide SJChO olympiad experience to as many students as possible. Therefore without support from schools to host the practical round, this will not be possible and the organisers will have to limit the number of students going to round 2.  Please let us know if you can support.  Host schools will be reimbursed for the cost of chemicals.  The organiser will invite teachers from selected  schools to invigilate in Round 2.  It will be a great experience for teachers.  Laboratory technician as well as invigilators will be given a token of appreciation.  Information for hosts can be found here.