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SNIC - Industry Award Round 2 (2018-2022)

The Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC) is pleased to launch Round 2 of the SNIC-Industry Awards. SNIC is collaborating with four major corporations, Mitsui Chemicals, Shimadzu, Tokyo Chemical Industry and Xilong Scientific, to recognise and reward outstanding individuals, who have achieved research excellence in selected areas of chemistry and chemical sciences. This SNIC-Industry Awards is re-launched to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of SNIC.

Round 2 of the SNIC-Industry Awards are:

  • Mitsui Chemicals-SNIC Industry Award in Materials and Nano-chemistry
  • Shimadzu-SNIC Industry Award in Applied and Translational Chemistry
  • Tokyo Chemical Industry-SNIC Industry Award in Synthetic Chemistry
  • Xilong Scientific-SNIC Industry Award in Chemistry Education

The nature of the awards reflects the significance of the Materials and Nano-chemistry, Applied and Translational Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry and Chemistry Education to Singapore. These awards also mark the significance of the research-industry-academic trilateral relationship.