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SNIC Fellows


Dr Chan Ping Kwong, Peter
Dr Heng Kheng Boon
Mr Yeoh Guan Huah
Prof Wong Ming Wah, Richard



Dr Chan Beng See                  Dr Kwok Kain Sze  Mr Chua Teck Hock           Prof Siow Kok Siong
Dr Chen Bosco Bloodworth Dr Lai Yee Hing Mr Lau Liat Cheow Prof Chan Sze On, Hardy
Dr Chia H.L.  Lawrence Dr Lien Wen Sze Mr Lim Chin Hua Prof Vittal Jagadese J.
Dr Chia Lian Sai Dr Mok Chup Yew Mr Lim Han Yong Prof Leong Weng Kee (Awarded in 2018)
Dr Chow Shui Tse Dr Mok Kum Fun Mr Tang Kwok Choon Prof Leung Pak Hing (Awarded in 2018)
Dr Chua Geok Koon Dr Ng Cheng Siong Mr Theng Chye Yam Dr Dien Pandiman (Awarded in 2018)
Dr Gan Leong Ming Dr O.Hill John Mr Wong Chiang Siang Dr Xu Jianwei (Awarded in 2019)
Dr Goh Ngoh Khang Dr Seet Ai Mee Mr Yeow Kian Peng Dr Zong Yun (Awarded in 2019)
Dr Hui Kou Mow, Robert Dr Yong Kuek Siong            Prof Goh Suat Hong Prof Sam Li (Awarded in 2019)
Dr Koh Lip Lin Mr Chua Siong Kean Prof Hor Tzi Sum, Andy Prof Huang Wei (Awarded in 2019)


Dr Sim Keong Yeow
Dr Wong Kum Leng
Mr Yip Soon Kwong, John
Prof Eichi Negishi (Awarded in 2011)
Prof Huang Hsing Hua
Prof K. C. Nicolaou (Awarded in 2011)
Prof Polanyi John
Prof Richard Ernst
Prof Lee Soo Ying (Awarded in 2019)


 Professor Hardy Chan will chair the SNIC Fellow Committee to oversee the election of Fellows.