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SNIC Lecture & Poster Awards

SNIC Distinguished Lecture - For Celebration of SNIC 50th Golden Jubilee

Professor Noyori Ryoji
Professor Ben Feringa

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SNIC Plenary Lecture

Professor Gregory C. Fu (14th ISCOC and 11th ISCIC)
Professor Klaus Mullen (SICC10)
NANYANG - SNIC Distinguished Lecture 

Professor Theodor Agapie
Professor Erwin Reisner
Professor Feng Xinliang
Professor Luis Liz-Marzan
Professor Ben Feringa
Poster/Oral Awards

1) Singapore Inorganic Chemistry Symposium (SICS) (July 2019)
Oral Award:
1st Winner: Dzeneta Halilovic, NTU
Runner up: Amit Jaiswal, NUS
Runner up: Ong Jun Xiang, NUS
Poster Award:
1st Winner: Dipendu Mandal, NUS
Runner up: Kei Ota, NTU
Runner up: Gillian Goh, NTU

2) The 16th Pacific Polymer Conference (December 2019)

Best Poster Award:
  • Cheol KANG, Seoul National University, Korea, South
    PPC16-A-0959: Cascade Metathesis & Metallotropy Polymerization for the Synthesis of Conjugated Polyenynes
    Co-authored with:
    Tae-Lim CHOI
    Seoul National University, Korea, South
  • Viko LADELTA, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia
    PPC16-A-0982: A New Double Catalyst Switch Strategy Enables Access Towards Tricrystalline Tetrablock Quarterpolymer
    Co-authored with:
    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia

3) 23th International Conference on Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy (2020) 


China-Singapore Collaborative Synthetic Chemistry Symposium (CS)3 ( October 2019) 

1) Daicel-SNIC Prize for Creativity in Synthetic Chemistry (大赛璐-SNIC最佳创意奖)
    Winner: 重庆大学 闫海龙
                  香港中文大学 杨英洋
2) Labpark-SNIC Poster Prize for Excellence in Synthetic Chemistry (莱帕克-SNIC最佳墙报奖)
    Winner: 西北大学-周玲