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Student Chapter Committee

Loh Xian Jun 1   Loh Junxian | Council Member
   Senior Adviser

Dr Xian Jun Loh is a polymer chemist working in the inter-disciplinary field of biomaterials. He is currently the Programme Manager of the A*STAR Personal Care Programme. He is concurrently the Programme Manager of the Consumer Care Programme at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) and an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is also an adjunct scientist at the Singapore Eye Research Institute. His main research interests are in the design of supramolecular and stimuli-responsive polymers and hydrogels for biomedical and personal care applications. Currently, he is the author and co-author of 153 journal papers, 14 patents, 20 book chapters and 4 books, publishing mainly in the area of biomaterials.

With a keen interest in educating the masses by removing the barrier of technical terms, Leonard hopes to share his curiosity and change the method in which science is being taught in schools.

Leonard Chan crop   Leonard Chan Jun Wei | Chairman
Nanyang Technological University | Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

Leonard is currently a Chemistry and Biological Chemistry undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University. He holds the positions of President in the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Club, and Council Chairperson in the NTU Student Union for the academic year of 2016/17. His interest in Chemistry began in secondary school when his Chemistry teacher taught the class using demonstration. That sparked a journey where he taught his juniors and subsequently at workshops using demonstrations using common household items and chemicals.

With a keen interest in educating the masses by removing the barrier of technical terms, Leonard hopes to share his curiosity and change the method in which science is being taught in schools.

Kenneth Ng crop   Ng Jia Cong Kenneth | Co-Chairman
National University of Singapore | Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Kenneth is currently embarking on his 3rd year of studies at the National University of Singapore, BSc. Chemistry, specializing (Hons.) in the field of organic and medicinal chemistry, and ultimately hopes to pursue a postgraduate MD-PhD at the DUKE-NUS Medical School. He has shown great interest and flair in the sciences throughout his years of education, doing well in chemistry, physics and biology at the ‘O’ Levels, as well as H2 and H3 Chemistry at the ‘A’ Levels. This knowledgeable, inquisitive and driven mind has secured him a place as a scholar in the NUS Pre-Med Programme, has stood out from his peers during the DUKE-NUS Pre-Med module and in academia.

He is an all-rounder, participating actively in various campus programmes and clubs, and external self-sourced activities. He is currently a varsity athlete with the NUS University Lifeguard Corps and an active volunteer with Action for AIDS. Through the student chapter, he aims to nurture curious young minds to appreciate the field of chemistry, to make it more relevant to society, as well as to further his passion and build networking in this area.

Dominic Ma crop   Dominic Ma Jun Yuan
Singapore Polytechnic | Applied Chemistry

Dominic is an aspiring year 2 student of Singapore Polytechnic, currently studying in the Diploma in Applied Chemistry specialised in Pharmaceutical Science. While pursuing his studies, he is also a part of his school’s CLS (School of Chemical and Life Sciences) Stars Ambassadors team, where he has helped to plan and facilitate his course’s open house joint booth with teachers, seniors and peers to have a smooth running of the event. With the aid of the student chapter, he hopes to be able to spread the joys of chemistry with members of the society and bring about the change in mindset that chemistry is all lab work, when it is, in fact, all around us, and hopes to broaden his horizons and gain new and more in depth knowledge about Chemistry.

Soon Yang crop   Lee Soon Yang | Treasurer
Ngee Ann Polytechnic | Biomedical Sciences

Lee Soon Yang is a third-year student currently pursuing studies in Biomedical Science in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Throughout his studies, he has been exposed to various chemistry modules which have helped him in building a strong chemistry foundation. Despite the focus of his diploma in biology studies, he continues to enrich his understanding and passion in chemistry by completing the program of Diploma Plus Certificate in Chemistry offered by the school. He wishes that through the student chapter, he could share his interest in chemistry with other schoolmates as well as to interact and build relationships with others with similar passion for chemistry. He would also like to take the opportunity to further his insights in the chemistry professions and the multiple specializations of chemistry.

Cher Yuting crop   Cher Yuting | Publicity
National University of Singapore | Chemistry major in the Faculty of Science

Yuting is a current Year 3 Chemistry major in the Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore (NUS). Her interest in chemistry started from secondary school, and she hopes to pursue research in pharmaceutical science in the future. Yuting is cheerful and outgoing and loves being around people. She is actively involved in planning student activities in her faculty, being a Management Committee member of the faculty club under the NUS Students’ Union. She takes great interest in design and publicity and heads the Communications Committee that manages outreach and publicity in her faculty club. Through the student chapter, Yuting hopes that she can help to cultivate interest in Chemistry among her peers and other youths, and bring in more fun in the outreach efforts!

Nafla Yousuf crop   Nafla Binte Mohamed Yousuf | Programmes
Singapore Polytechnic | Applied Chemistry

Nafla is currently a Year 2 student at Singapore Polytechnic studying Applied Chemistry specialised in Industrial Chemistry. She loves how chemistry can be related to everything around herself and it was through chemistry did her passion for the environment grew. Being outspoken and cheerful has helped Nafla planned large scale events with her debate club and stand out from her peers. She hopes to learn more about the chemistry industry as well as to meet more people who also have a passion in chemistry. She wants to show that Chemistry can be so much more than just chemicals and lab work and it is not just one specific field.

Cheng Zhi Ming crop   Cheng Zhi Ming | Logistics
Nanyang Technological University | Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

Zhi Ming is currently a third-year undergraduate student in the Nanyang Technological University pursuing a degree in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry. His passion for science and chemistry started from a young age and it stems from his curiosity about everything. Zhi Ming has been actively engaged in research programs such as summer research and the Undergraduate Research on CAmpus (URECA). As an A*STAR undergraduate scholar, he aspires to benefit his society through his research in chemistry. The student chapter serves as a platform for Zhi Ming to share his passion for chemistry with members of the public as well as to connect with those with similar interests.